Uploading highlights to social media

The following is a training module that describes how to upload video highlights to our social media accounts.


Before attempting to take any of the following training courses, please email bkoub23@gmail.com and request access to our shared drive by supplying your GMAIL address. It MUST be a GMAIL address. If you do not have one, please create one. Much of what we do and how we communicate is predicated on the use of Google Drive. You will be unable to move forward with the information below without it.

How to upload highlights after games to social media

STEP 1 – Upload highlights to Google Drive

Upload highlight clips from your game to the company Google Drive. Refer to the “Shooting Highlights for DMVSTREAM” training page if you are unfamiliar with the upload process.

STEP 2 – Pick the best play and share it to Facebook and Twitter

Pick the very best play from the game and upload that video clip to both the DMVSTREAM.com Facebook and Twitter accounts. The shorter the clip is, the better. If you do not have access to either of these accounts, let your supervisor know.

Below are examples of what these should look like.

These should be shared on both Facebook and Twitter the same night as when you shoot your highlights, either while you are uploading the clips to Google Drive, or afterward.

You can find Twitter handles for many athletes in the HS Twitter Handles spreadsheet. If you need access to this, ask your supervisor.