Posting highlight clips to Facebook for AllMetSports

The following training module describes the complete process for uploading video content to the Facebook Page.


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How to post a highlight clip to the AllMetSports Facebook page

STEP 1 – Get access to the AllMetSports Facebook page

If you are not an editor to the AllMetSports Facebook page, request permission to become an editor through your supervisor.

STEP 2 – Download a clip from the archives folder

Log into Google Drive and access the ‘Archives’ folder for high school sports and find the respective game you are promoting. You should download a clip that is either the best play from the game or some kind of celebration clip if the game is a playoff game.

STEP 3 – Upload the clip to the AllMetSports Facebook page

Remember that you cannot upload .MTS files to Facebook. If the file is an .MTS file, you’ll have to convert it to an MP4.

Also, make sure the clip isn’t too long and doesn’t show the camera being dropped or the person filming running around. If it is too long or shows any of those things, you’ll have to trim the clip in the iSkySoftiMedia Converter.

STEP 4 – Write a good headline for the video clip

Write a good description of the featured video clips and make sure to tag the participating schools. Also, make sure to tease that the full highlight package will be available at

Below is an example of a good highlight posted



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