Creating graphics in LiveText for DMVStream broadcasts

The following training module describes the complete process for creating graphics in LiveText for a broadcast.


Before attempting to take any of the following training courses, please email and request access to our shared drive by supplying your GMAIL address. It MUST be a GMAIL address. If you do not have one, please create one. Much of what we do and how we communicate is predicated on the use of Google Drive. You will be unable to move forward with the information below without it.

How to create graphics using NewTek LiveText for DMVStream broadcasts

Below is a brief introduction to the basics of LiveText




Before each broadcast, BJ Koubaroulis will send out a production plan that outlines everyone’s assignment and deadlines. Your responsibility is to create all of the graphics needed for that upcoming broadcast. Talent will have a deadline for when they need to get their information (players to watch, keys to the game, starting lineups, etc.) submitted so you can work on graphics; the director will also create a run sheet that will outline those graphical needs as well as any other interesting notes that can be made into graphic form.

Required graphics for each broadcast

The following are graphics that should be created for each DMVStream broadcast:

  • A scoreboard (possibly two with an overtime option)
  • A title card
  • Talent ID (play-by-play/color ID and sideline reporter(s) ID)
  • Starting lineups (which can be updated on the day of, but should be created in advance)
  • Keys to the game
  • Player(s) to watch
  • Coach ID for each team
  • Player profile
  • Info box slates
  • Info bar slates
  • Production crew

Uploading graphics

After you have received all of the information from talent and your director and you have finished creating graphics, you will need to upload both the .CG and .png versions of the graphics to Google Drive, so they can be reviewed by B.J. Koubaroulis and the director to see if anything needs changing or adding. Uploading the .CGs is extremely important in case the project needs to be downloaded again on site.

Before uploading, you will need to thoroughly check graphics to make sure graphics are clean and everything is spelled correctly.

You will log into Google Drive using BJ Koubaroulis’ login information and upload all of the graphics to the ‘Graphics’ folder for that corresponding broadcast.

Graphics needs to be uploaded at least 24 hours in advance of the broadcast to be reviewed. After uploading, you must email B.J. Koubaroulis and the director to notify them that the graphics have been uploaded.


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