The following is a training module that describes how to drop off a DVD at Fairfax Public Access television station.

Dropping off the DVD at Fairfax Public Access

How to drop off the DVD of the completed show

STEP 1 – Duplicating and Labeling

The first step while you are still in the studio is to label the completed DVD with the episode number and the date of the show, which you will then put into a DVD sleeve. This should be the duplicate DVD, not the original. There is also a document to fill out for filing to Fairfax Public Access. You will fill out the form and staple it to the DVD sleeve.

STEP 2 – Delivering to the FPA Studios

Next it is time to drive to the Fairfax Public Access building, located at the address below:

2929 Eskridge Road, Fairfax, VA 22031 (Suite S)

You will enter through the door in the first picture above, labeled “FPA Fairfax Public Access 2929-S.” If the front door is locked, go to the side door around the corner. You will then proceed straight down the hallway to the Programming Office door, which can be seen in the second picture. There you will find a black box on the wall labeled “Program Drop-Off,” which can be seen in the third picture above. This is where you will drop the DVD with the form attached.

STEP 3 – Email Notification of Delivery

As soon as you drop off the DVD, you must send an email to Maryam Shah ( from Fairfax Public Access, and CC both B.J. Koubaroulis ( and Yousef Nasser ( In the the text of the email, write, “I have delivered this week’s episode of the PrepZone.” The time stamp of that email is important, so send it promptly.

If you have any questions about this process, call your supervisor.

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