Helping with AllMetSports Top Plays

The following training module describes the complete process for gathering video, editing a show and filing an episode of Top Plays.


Before attempting to take any of the following training courses, please email and request access to our shared drive by supplying your GMAIL address. It MUST be a GMAIL address. If you do not have one, please create one. Much of what we do and how we communicate is predicated on the use of Google Drive. You will be unable to move forward with the information below without it.

How to help with the AllMetSports Top Plays show

What is Top Plays?

For a sixth straight year, Synthesis Multimedia and DMVSTREAM.COM are partnering with and to produce a weekly top-10 style ranking of the best plays from each week of high school basketball in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area.
This show allows players, coaches, parents, fans, and others to send in their nominations for the best play of the week, for consideration in the upcoming episode, which air weekly on Monday afternoons at and

STEP 1 – Monitor emails from BJ Koubaroulis

B.J. Koubaroulis will forward you emails throughout the week, with files or links to plays that are nominations for that upcoming show.

Make sure to also search Twitter for @bjkoub, where many nominations will come from.

Make sure the play is from that week’s action; the show is shot on Sunday afternoon/evening, so if the play is from last Saturday or further (8+ days ago, for example) we can’t use it.

Upon receipt of each email, you must watch and download the play, get the team’s roster and write a description of the play.

STEP 2 – Add information to the spreadsheet for each play nomination

Fill out this form for each nomination.

Access the spreadsheet here.

STEP 3 – Upload the plays to the corresponding folder for that week’s show

Log into BJ’s G-Drive account to upload the footage (if you need login information, email your supervisor), and upload each of the plays to the ‘Clips’ folder for that week’s episode. Most plays will be YouTube links or video from Synthesis Multimedia Productions that can be converted or cut in iSkySoft Media Converter; other video such as Hudl videos, will need to be converted using this link (you will be provided login information):

If you need to download iSkySoft iMedia Converter, email your supervisor for download information.

STEP 4 – Write the script for the show

Rank plays and then write the script for the show, in that episode’s folder. Descriptions for each play should be concise. Here is an example of a completed script, including the ‘Best of the Rest.’

  • The script should always start with this introduction

Hello everybody and welcome to an all-new episode of Top Plays here at and I’m your host B.J. Koubaroulis. Before we get started, remember if you want to see your video on this show it’s as simple as tweeting me the link. I’m @bjkoub and remember to hashtag it allmets. Let’s get into our “Best of the Rest.”

  • Any plays that are not in the top 10, are the ‘Best of the Rest.’ These descriptions should be very brief, for example: “Middleburg’s AJ Robinson comes up with the steal and hits the halfcourt buzzer beater in the 69-31 win over Mount Zion Prep.”
  • Descriptions for the top 10 plays should be concise, introducing where the game was played, the teams involved, and then the description of the play.
    Descriptions for plays should come from the spreadsheet of the Top 10 nomination form.
    For example: “At number six we go to Fort Washington, Maryland where National Christian is hosting Middleburg. The Eagles get the ball to Christian Matthews off the pick and Matthews drives right to the rim to throw down the one-handed poster over the defender. The Georgia Tech recruit would finish with 17 points in the 78-68 win.”
  • Important: Names for athletes should be spelled out phonetically. If you don’t know how the name is pronounced, reach out to the coach or athlete and ask them how they pronounce their name.

STEP 5 – Notify your supervisor that the script and clips are uploaded to that week’s folder

Script should be written and finished by 3 p.m. Sunday. Deadline for play submission is Sundays by 12 p.m.


Now that you have completed the training material, please take the next step and take the exam. The exam is an “open-book” test, meaning that you can refer to the training material to find the best answer. The exam is a way to help our team learn more about your aptitude for the material that has been presented to you. You will not be permitted to move forward with this role without successfully completing the exam. TAKE THE EXAM