Creating social media content for DMVStream

The following is a training module that describes how to create content and distribute content on our social media accounts.


Before attempting to take any of the following training courses, please email and request access to our shared drive by supplying your GMAIL address. It MUST be a GMAIL address. If you do not have one, please create one. Much of what we do and how we communicate is predicated on the use of Google Drive. You will be unable to move forward with the information below without it.

How to create social media content for DMVStream

STEP 1 – Receive email from supervisor

Each Monday, your supervisor will send you an email about game assignments, where you can then check the ‘Game Assignments‘ spreadsheet.

STEP 2 – Create product pages for the Washington Post videos

This step is very important, and the steps should be followed thoroughly.

  • Watch the videos on, vetting them to make sure spelling of athlete names and school names are correct.
  • Create product pages for each of the videos published at that evening. Below is a video that explains how to create products at

STEP 3 – Tweet out Washington Post videos to athletes from the winning team

Below is an example of a tweet for a Washington Post video package, from the DMVStream Twitter account.

Twitter handles for athletes from each team are in the ‘HS Twitter Handles‘ spreadsheet. Here is a video that also shows how to construct a tweet.

Deadline: Washington Post videos should be tweeted out within 8 hours of the video being published at

STEP 4 – Tweet out the PrepZone episode to athletes from both teams

Make sure to include the time stamp for where the segment starts in the tweet. Tweet out the recap segments, previews, and any other content segments to the athletes from teams mentioned. Make sure to also tag the talent that was on that week’s episode. Below are examples of PrepZone tweets. Studio content should be tweeted out by midnight each Wednesday evening after taping.


Deadline: PrepZone content should be tweeted out within 3 hours of the content being published at

STEP 5 – Share everything on Facebook and Twitter


Each of the posts should be tweeted out via the DMVStream Twitter account and shared on the Facebook page.


Now that you have completed the training material, please take the next step and take the exam. The exam is an “open-book” test, meaning that you can refer to the training material to find the best answer. The exam is a way to help our team learn more about your aptitude for the material that has been presented to you. You will not be permitted to move forward with this role without successfully completing the exam. TAKE THE EXAM