Adding premium content to the website

The following is a training module that describes how to create and upload premium content to the web site.


Before attempting to take any of the following training courses, please email and request access to our shared drive by supplying your GMAIL address. It MUST be a GMAIL address. If you do not have one, please create one. Much of what we do and how we communicate is predicated on the use of Google Drive. You will be unable to move forward with the information below without it.

Adding premium content to

STEP 1 – Create a post for the content

      • Each post should have a headline of what the content is
      • Each post should have a video embedded (from Vimeo) and have a description below the video
      • Categories are the most important part of creating these posts. Each piece of content that is supposed to be “premium” on the website needs to be under the “premium content” category; if it is not, anyone who does not have a subscription to the premium content will be able to see that content free of charge.
      • Each post must have a GOOD feature image.

NOTE: If a piece of content is intended to be premium content, it will be designated as such in the Studio Content Strategy spreadsheet.

STEP 2 – Embed video from Vimeo

If you need login information for Vimeo, email your supervisor. This video explains how to find the embed code from a video on our Vimeo channel.

STEP 3 – Publish the post

Once the video is embedded in the post and everything is accurate on the post, the post can be published and shared via Facebook and Twitter.