Redskins Relaunch: C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS

On this segment of Redskins Relaunch, Fill-In host Colvin Underwood continues the show discussing with watchers what they think the Redskins should do with their draft selections and potential off-season moves. The Capitals open up the playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes in defending their Stanley Cup and the Nationals take on Harper and his new Phillies team.

Redskins Relaunch: Quiet Offseason Thus Far 1/16

This week on Redskins Relaunch, fill-in host Colvin Underwood to debate what the Redskins' main needs should be this offseason, will the team draft a QB early in the draft, Jay Gruden staying on board and how to build around a strong defensive line. Donna Hawkins joins Colvin to give her in depth information on the Redskins offseason thus far